picture of the team

Our Approach

At AIDC, we are the nerds that make digital marketing work for our customers.  We pride ourselves in finding technical and creative solutions tailored to your business.

Our goal is to get the most business for our customers while maintaining profitability.

If it is not profitable then even $1 is too much.

Our Story

Our founder, Abraham, started his career as an Actuary, through a twist of good luck he started his Marketing career at Blinds.com where he developed a methodology that we use today.

Meet the Team

At AIDC we have a diverse team with different strengths and interests. Our commonality is our desire for our customers success.

picture of founder & ceo

Founder & CEO

Abraham is the company “Visionary”. If you want someone to figure out how to get something to work, he is the go to guy. Starting his career as an Actuary and moving into Data Analytics > A/B Testing and landing in Paid Advertising.
Optimization is now his passion. If you are wasting money, he is likely to find it.

picture of founder & coo

Founder & COO

Eli manages to balance work, personal learning, rock climbing and an assortment of other hipster-like activities, while maintaining a laid back attitude and still keeping everyone on task. How he does it and stays sane? Ask him

picture of digital marketing analyst

Digital Marketing Analyst

Google, Facebook, Bing… He’s got you covered.

picture of amazon marketing analyst

Amazon Marketing Analyst

Chaya has an amazing attention to detail that really allows her to shine in her role. Some of our Amazon customers have thousands of products, and she manages to keep track of them all!

picture of computer wizard

Computer Wizard

Shayna is our resident techie and all-around genius. She has a broad knowledge of all thing tech. Or maybe she’s good at Google. Who knows?

Next Steps…?

The next step is quite easy. Just fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. AIDC cannot wait to help your business reach its full potential.