Being a Digital Marketing Agency is not always easy. One brick wall we constantly hit with service based clients are, where are our leads coming from? Are we paying to much for them? Is it really all from advertising? Before we hired AIDC we were get form fills so who says these are from you. I bet every marketer out there has these questions. Well we found an answer and that is implementing tracking into the form to know where the lead comes from. However, after that we still have an issue – the client gets all the emails and needs to somehow put them all into a CRM or Excel of some sort, which business owner has time for all this? And if its for the marketer it always gets left to the last thing to do. Meeting after meeting we would ask “hey did you create that sheet yet?” And we get “well….. I started but something else came up”. We have all heard something like that. I finally found the answer, CloudHq , with CloudHq I can import all the leads into a Google sheet and the client can go in and update the status at their convenience. This has changed the game for us. We now know which leads are preforming and from what platform. Not only that, it is so simple, all I have to do is choose the email folder, I then create the rules for how to phrase it and BOOM! its done. Straight from there it goes into a Google Sheets so perfectly. That is not all, when you are creating the rules in CloudHq they even have a display so you can visually see the rules and make sure they are parsing all the fields that are needed. Thank you CloudHq this is a huge help.

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