Amazon Search Queries – What are those B0##XX#XXX

When you pull a Search Query report to look for poor performing Search Terms you may notice weird search terms formatted like this “B0##XX#XXX”. So what are they and what can you do with this information?

What are they? You may not know this, but when you create an Automatic Campaign*, your products don’t only show up on a search page. They also show up on a Product Page under Sponsored products related to this item.

Each time your product shows up there it is reported in the Search Term report as the ASIN*, for that product.

What can you do with this information? While you can’t stop you products from showing up on “Sponsored products” in cases where there is poor performance, you can do something with the ones that DO convert well.

You can create Product Display campaigns targeting these ASIN’s. However, for this you will need an AMS account.

Happy selling.

Automatic Campaign – a campaign that Amazon figures out the targeted keywords for you based on the terms in your product listing.
ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number.

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