DataFeedWatch Extract Values from Your Feed

DFW (DataFeedWatch), an online feed management platform, just released a new feature called “Extract from” this is on top of all their already great features.

For full transparency, I love DFW, they are my favorite feed management platform and I strongly encourage all my clients to move to them. They are not perfect and there are reasons to use other feed management based on each customers needs.

Extract from allows you to look for specific values like “color” in a field like “Title” and put them into their own field to be used in any product feed.

There are already ways to do this in DFW. DFW allows the user to use Regex (Regular Expressions) to do many things in the feed. Here are some examples of what I use it for.

  • Limiting the length of the title: ^(.{1,150}).* replace with $1
  • Removing special characters: [^\x00-\x7F]
  • Here is how I did color before: (^|.+? )(blue|white|pink|gray|grey|black|cream|green|beige|denim|yellow|navy|red|teal|peach|taupe|mint|ivory|charcoal|burgundy|print|stripe|velour)( |$).+ replace with $2

These are just some general examples of what you can do with Regex in your product feed. There are many other examples as well as many other features that make this platform one of the best self serve data feed platforms out there.



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